Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The little wins...

   Every time a McDonalds commercial comes on my stomach growls. How are they so good at making their concoction of chemicals look so much like delicious food? Even now, as I type this, my mouth waters. As I drive by all these fast food places they all have a sign about some new product or some great deal. Their commercials attack each other and keep lowering their prices further and further.
   If there's one power people still have over this society it's purchasing power. If you don't buy shitty products then the company has 2 options; either lower the price of their shitty products until you buy them or they go out of business, or make better products. Either way the consumer wins. Losing a company that makes shit products is just plain better for the world. 
   After almost 2 years without McDonalds or Taco Bell or Arby's or any of that nonsense (minus Subway. It's my one weakness) I still get hunger pains whenever their silly commercials come on. It was a struggle not to succumb to their ever lowering prices at first. Later I realized their bait is getting sweeter and sweeter because they're losing more and more money. Yes, I'm just one person and they only made a couple hundred off me a year which is not even a fraction of 1 percent of their profit. Yes, a large percent of the American people don't have a care in the world what they put in their body. 
   However! No matter how small one person is we all have influence. Even with all the blind Americans shoving the barely-food into their system, there is at least one person every day who decides to not eat fast food anymore. My wife and I have stopped and we will never let our children have that poison. That's the start of a generation of people who will eat real food and not grade D beef from a cow who lived off corn and hormones. 
   No matter how small one person is, what we do matters. 
   And if you're trying to ween yourself off of fast food stay strong. Every time they have a new special or lower their prices it's because they're losing money and want you to come back in. It's all about the little wins...