Friday, October 30, 2015

Exploring an Idea

   What is a think tank? How does it work? The way I've always imagined it is the same way I've always seen it on TV and movies. There's an idea, someone writes it on a huge whiteboard, then everyone around a board room table yells out ideas until it's fleshed out. I guess the guy holding the marker is controlling the idea? What if there is no solid ideas, is that what we're fleshing out?
   Seems like I'm lacking in a lot of ways these days. Haven't had too many brand new ideas, though I have tweaked others and come up with new material to mix into our programming. Although to say I don't have enough ideas would be a lie when the real issues facing me are organizational. Specifically, my ability to organize. This whole blog is literally a string of posts chronicling my failed attempts to try and get organized. If there were a niche market for bloggers who never accomplish anything I'd be rolling in the subscribers.
   I've decided to place my focus on two different podcasts.
   The first is my updated version of The Podcast Club. The idea is to create an audio extension of my BLOG called Fine Ass Podcasts which is a blog where I give my opinion of what the best podcast was for that part of the month. "Part of the month" meaning 1 or 2 (first half or second half). An actual episode would consist of my co-host and I going over what I (and hopefully what they) have written about and discussing what we thought of that month's picks. If I get the co-host I want it will probably become a bash session of how terrible the podcasts I picked were. That should keep people coming back right?
   My other focus is one I've mentioned before. I am ready to put the search for my father into full gear and start creating some real drama. My biggest obstacles? Inexperience, lack of ability to create a narrative (i'm working on it...) and finding regular help. There's also the fact that I have to confront my mother about creating this and finally ask her straight out what happened and if she wants to be a part of the search. The real thing that has held me back is the fact that I don't know how to make a podcast yet! For something like this I want the podcasts to be well done and I can't promise that. Yeah, I have a mic. Yeah, I have audio editing software. But I don't have experience, and if you're like me, yes, maybe you wont let poor quality make you stop listening, but I know most people can and will get turned off if it doesn't sound at least a bit professional. All of that is why I'll first be starting the Fine Ass Podcasts: Podcast Edition where hopefully I will learn all I need to know to make the O Father, where art thou-cast be a little better than it would if I started there.

Only time will tell I guess...

"The first step is you have to say that you can." - Will Smith