Monday, February 23, 2015

The momentum buids...

   Progress! Oh sweet progress! One month after my hopeless (yet hopeful) post I've finally made some progress. And on more than one front too!
   As far the business goes, I'm starting one. Yay (/sarcasm). If there's one thing I never saw myself doing it's starting a business, let alone a media company. I studied the org board my boss put up at work and even used the lessons at (yeah, scientology style) to understand the basics of organization in relationship to a business. I've got different divisions and positions all with different duties and responsibilities. No, they're not all fleshed out but the outline is there!
   Then comes the other progress... If I was writing this post 2 days ago the tone would be much less happy but because of yesterday I feel some momentum building and it's reinvigorated me in a way I didn't think possible. Pretty amazing.
   So what happened yesterday? Good question! I made my first recording!!! That's right, my new podcast has it's first recording done! No I wont be releasing it any time in the next few months (maybe even a year from now or more?) but I did get to sit down with my good friend Shawn and discuss the details of his new podcast. That's a major step forward.
   After talking to him and seeing his interest, I was buzzing hard on some sort of adrenaline and once my wife and I had dinner eaten up and she finished her work in the kitchen I had to sit her down and do the same thing with her. We went on for 40 minutes (well past our bed time mind you) about the idea of sitting down once a week for a ginger tea to discuss how the week went, how the weekend was, and what we could do for the coming week. She seemed to enjoy herself and respond positively.
   Add onto all of this that I got a few recordings of Brian teaching me more League of Legends techniques and you have one happy creator. My podcast alone depends on following others on their way to releasing their content so the lack of involvement all around has really given me the stick in the mud feeling. I mean, Shawn and I had to mess with the microphone for an hour or two just to get the right settings. This is three months after I got the damn thing. Christ....

   Anyway, that's the update for now. I'll leave a small teaser picture below... ;)

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” - Ronald Reagan