Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Crafting a Podcast

   Four years ago I started to really jump into the world of podcasts. A crazy world where every day people can chat with others and turn it into a form of media instantly shared with millions. We're in a world where you can listen to a podcast by Joe Rogan, then by a local group of gamers who just wanted to start chatting with other local gamers, then hop onto YouTube and watch Snoop Dogg chat with Seth Rogen about his career.

   It's incredible. We're living in a time where there no longer is a divide between the people we respect and want to hear more from and us. Yes, there's a physical divide and yes, there are still millions of people fighting for the same attention as you but if you're smart and persistent, there's no reason you can't reach your idols. It's an incredible change of pace and now that technology is trickling down in prices you can pretty much do the same thing.

   We're now at the point in history where any schmo off the street can use the internet to become a celebrity. YouTube artists are now making their way into the mainstream with television ads and official products using their face as their image. I've even heard of a YouTube sensation recently getting a green light for a TV show.

   Between technology advancements, podcasters encouraging their listeners and the gap between the individual and the world stage, I decided to start a podcast. I know right? A nobody like me, putting out content for the world and expecting the world to listen? Crazy. Absolutely crazy. People like Joe Rogan and Snoop Dogg already have a fan base so it's easy for them to jump in and infinitely harder for a schmo right? Wrong.

   Look around. You know people. You have a community full of people. You have friends that are your friends because of mutual interests that I'm sure you discuss at lengths! We all have the same set up as the all ready famous podcasters. The only difference is they are starting with an audience they had all ready and fame comes with a certain ease at contacting others with fame.

   So no, a podcast I start with a group of buddies isn't going to bring in any super celebrity from California. And yeah, I'm pretty sure I wont become a local celebrity. But I do have a smart group of friends who I always have amazing conversations with. Why can't I? Go ahead, tell me why!