Wednesday, January 14, 2015


   So I didn't even give myself homework. My last line in the last post was about giving myself homework. Gah, these are the kinds of habits I have to try and break. If anyone actually read my shit there'd be a lot to answer for.
   As far as progress goes there isn't much to say. Still in the same spot. However, I did find a podcast where Alex Blumberg (This American Life, Planet Money, etc) documents his journey of creating a podcast network. Almost the exact idea I had. Only, he's actually starting a big business where he needs 1.5 million dollars and a good amount of employees and such. I just want to sit down with friends to have chats and invite professionals from the local area to talk about starting a business here. Different from my vision, but very helpful. It put the business side of things into a bit more focus.
   So, my homework right? Get the guys to agree on a date. Sometime this weekend or next where we can sit down and chat about possible show ideas and set a schedule to get some stuff done!

   I'll let you know how that goes on Monday...